The University of Queensland and Technical University, Munich have a rapidly developing international research and research training partnership.

As part of this development UQ has been invited to be a partner in TUM’s International Graduate School of Science and Engineering (IGSSE). This program brings together researchers and PhD students from the two institutions to address a challenging and novel inter-disciplinary problem. Read more about the mission of IGSSE and their research projects.

Below we provide some additional information which describes the way in which UQ will align with the IGSSE arrangements.

About the scheme


Building on the strong links between TUM and the University of Queensland, there will be a thematic focus on life sciences, including nanotechnology and biotechnology, and engineering. Nevertheless, researchers with complementary scientific interests and expertise are strongly encouraged to apply.


Each project team is composed of senior and early career academic staff, and HDR candidates across both TUM and UQ. One half of the project team should sit within UQ and the other half within TUM.

Doctoral researchers (DRs/HDRs)

  • one IGSSE-funded doctoral researcher (DR) and one associated doctoral researcher per Principal Investigator (PI), both at TUM
  • up to two UQ Funded (H)DRs working on the project at UQ.

UQ acts as host for TUM’s doctoral researchers’ stays abroad, and vice versa. The PIs (including the PI at the partner university) share the mentoring/advising of the doctoral researchers.

Project Team Leader (PTL)

PTLs are typically postdocs at TUM. At UQ a PTL may be a postdoc or an Early Career Academic (up to 8 years post-PhD). It would be preferable that applications include at least two PTLs from UQ.

Ideally PTLs should be able to be present for the full 4 years for the doctoral researcher’s candidature.

Project Investigators (PIs)

Typically professors, at least one PI at TUM and one additional PI at UQ. 

Student assistants are optional, and are only provided for in funding from TUM.

Funding & timeline

Funding Scholarship Travel Research stay Consumables
Doctoral Researcher (DR) $35,000 per annum Included in stipend    
Project funds       Cost of project covered by PI
Project Team Leader   $5,000 per annum for up to 3 years


Date Item
26 February 2018 Call for proposals
2 April 2018 Closure of applications
30 June 2018 Funding decision
2 July 2018 Advertise to students
30 September 2018 Student applications close
14 October 2018 Student selection
1 January 2019 Program begins at home institution


Submit a project

Step 1: Read the guides




Step 2: Complete the proposal form


Step 3: Email the form to