2021 Industry challenges

19 May 2022

HighrisesA key feature of the Global Change Scholars Program is the Industry Challenge. This team-based placement gives scholars an opportunity to apply their research skills to a real-world issue and develop valuable skills in teamwork, creative problem solving, communication and research leadership.

The challenge was introduced in 2022 and since January, scholars have been working in transdisciplinary teams to address complex issues in environmental protection, social services, the arts and regional development.

They have met with organisation leaders, spoken to stakeholders, reviewed literature, developed concepts and will prepare a report for their partners about how to respond. These reports are an important outcome of the Global Change Scholars Program and a tangible resource for industry.

This year, scholars worked with six public sector organisations.

Remote Area Planning and Development Board

Challenge: What are the opportunities for micro food production to address chronic health issues in remote communities?

Team: Leila Fathi, Lorelle Holland, Daniel Otwani, Yunan Ye.

Queensland Trust for Nature

Challenge: What is the best combination of technologies to effectively monitor large-scale restoration and land management projects?

Team: Timothy Hirsch, Lenore Irvine, Francisca Powell, Qi Ruan, Andre Tan.

Queensland Theatre

Challenge: As audiences age, how can theatres attract and engage younger people?

Team: Bernadette Huber, Susanna Su, Clare Wijngaarden, Zhaoxi Zheng.

Multicultural Australia

Challenge: Beyond war and conflict, what global forces are likely to drive migration over the next decade?

Team: Lauren Carpenter, Kelly D’cunha, Naomi Fillmore, Kari McGregor, Shanice Van Haeften.


Challenge: How can the YMCA expand its Op Shop business while managing large volumes of poor-quality donations?

Team:  Abigail Edwards, Tiyana Jovanovic, Richard Lee.

Healthy Land and Water

Challenge: What strategies can be deployed to drive engagement with HLW’s annual Report Card that assesses the health of waterways in South-east Queensland?

Team: Ross Balch, Skye Doherty.