1. What is a certified document?

A certified document is a copy of an original document that has been signed by a person officially authorised to confirm that it is a true and correct duplicate.

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2. Why do I need to submit certified documents?

When you submit documents to the University of Queensland, they become the property of UQ and will not be returned. Therefore, you should never submit an original document, please only send certified copies.

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3. How do I get a document certified?

You will need to take the original documents to a representative who is authorised to photocopy and certify them. The process that will then take place includes:

  1. The authorised person sights and photocopies the original to ensure both are identical (in some cases you may need to take a photocopy to the representative);
  2. The authorised person will then write on, or stamp, the copy a confirmation such as ‘This is a true and correct copy of the original document I have sighted’ or ‘Certified true copy’;
  3. On each page under the confirmation, the authorised person will also write their name, signature, qualification, date of signing and business stamp;
  4. The authorised person will need to include their contact details such as their office-hours phone number and email address.

Important notes:

  • If the document is more than one page, all pages must be separately certified.
  • The certification must be on the actual copy, not on another page attached to the copy.
  • Certified copies must include original signatures and stamps. Faxed, scanned or emailed copies are not acceptable.
  • If any of the documents are in a language other than English, they must be accompanied by an English translation prepared by an accredited translator.
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4. Who is authorised to certify a document?

The certifying person must be currently employed in one of the professions listed below and contactable during office hours:

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5. Submitting documents through an authorised UQ representative

You are able to take your original academic documents to one of UQ’s authorised representatives. Your documents will be assessed, copied, stamped and then forwarded to UQ on your behalf. The authorised agent will be required to declare that they have sighted and copied an original document. UQ authorised representatives are able to submit applications and certified documents electronically.

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6. How should I submit a certified document to UQ?

Certified documents should be mailed to the University, particularly if your application was via hard copy.

If you are applying via UQ's online application system you may upload scanned copies of your certified documents to your application.  Please keep the originals as you may be asked to present them at a later date.

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7. Documents from the Peoples Republic of China

The University of Queensland is unable to accept certified documents, as described above, for qualifications from China. You will be required to submit your academic documents in one of the following forms:

  • Notarised documents by an official Public Notary: 
    Your documents will be copied and bound in white folders, and will contain a raised watermark. Please note, all academic documents will need to be notarised, both English and Chinese versions, the academic award document will also need to note that the degree has been ‘awarded according to the rules and regulations of the People’s Republic of China’.
  • Original copies of your documents received direct from the institution: 
    You can request that your university sends a copy of your academic transcript and award documents directly to UQ. These will need to be in official university envelopes, and will need to arrive at UQ sealed and stamped.
  • Submitted through an authorised UQ representative:
    You are able to take your original academic documents, or a copy that is in a sealed and stamped official envelope (as above), to one of UQ’s authorised representatives. Your documents will be assessed, copied, stamped and then forwarded to UQ on your behalf. The authorised agent will be required to declare that they have sighted and copied an original document, copies of notarised documents are not permitted.
  • China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Development Centre (CDGDC) verification:
    For all students who completed their degree from a non project 211 university, and also from Fuzhou University and Xiamen University, are required to submit their qualifications to CDGDC for verification. CDGDC will issue a verification certificate directly to UQ, we cannot accept the verification certificate unless it is issued directly to UQ from CDGDC.
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