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      Below you will find contact information for Postgraduate Coordinators, HDR Liaison Officers and HDR Administrative Officers listed by enrolling unit. Each staff member is responsible for different aspects of the HDR journey.

      Position Contact this person about:
      Postgraduate Coordinator (PGC) academic oversight of HDR candidates within the enrolling unit.
      HDR Liaison Officer (HLO) general current student queries and enquiries related to applications.
      HDR Administrative Officer (HAO) policy advice related to HDR candidature.


      HDR Liaison Team Schools Postgraduate Coordinator
      Team Leader
      Jodie Chappell
      Team members
      James Mather
      Charmaine Jensen
      Sally Goodwin
      Louise Beardmore
      Baron Joye
      Ligi George
      Pla Ngamyunyong
      Dr Ryan Lee

      Professor David Copland

      Associate Professor Carlie Driscoll
      Dr Glen Lichtwark
      Dr Debby Lynch
      Dr Ben Ross

      Associate Professor Ada Kritikos

      Associate Professor Bruno Van Swinderen
      St Lucia Campus
      TRI Campus
      Herston Campus

      Associate Professor Michael Piper

      • School of Biomedical Sciences
      • St Lucia CU

      Associate Professor Judith Greer 

      • PCH-Northside CU
      • QIMRB
      • Royal Brisbane CU
      • UQCCR

      Professor Diann Eley

      • MD/MBBS-RHD
      • Ochsner Clinical School
      • Other Northside
      • Primary Care CU
      • Rural Clinical School
      • Sunshine Coast CU
      • Uniting Care Health CU
      • Office of Medical Education

      Professor Gail Williams

      • School of Public Health

      Dr Robert Eley

      • Centre for Health Services Res
      • Child Health QLD CU
      • Childrens Health Res Centre
      • Greenslopes CU
      • Ipswich CU
      • Other Southside
      • PAH-Southside CU

      Associate Professor Emma Hamilton-Williams

      • Mater CU
      • MRI-UQ
      • UQDI

      Humanities, Social Science & Business

      HDR Liaison Team Schools Postgraduate Coordinator
      Team Leader
      Alison Pike
      Team members
      Matthew Nainby
      Marly Dein
      Diana Marsh
      Angie Kahler
      Kirstin Woodward
      Christian Long
      Professor Peter Popkowski-Leszczyc
      Associate Professor Peter Earl
      Dr Justine Bell-James
      Dr Veny Armanno
      Dr Obaid Hamid
      Professor Megan Cassidy-Welch
      Associate Professor Abdullah Mamun
      Dr Barbara Hanna
      Dr Robert Davidson
      Dr Sebastian Kaempf
      Dr Suzanna Fay

      HDR Administration Team


      Admissions and Scholarships Team

      Admissions Queries Scholarship Queries
      Janyne Schlipalius - Senior HAO, Vicotria Myatt - Senior HAO Mia Davis - Senior HAO
      Lucie Breingan All schools Terry Moore All schools
      Christine Danga All schools Lucie Breingan All schools
      Chris Ende All schools Chris Ende All schools
      Cha Kesuma All schools  

      Team Manager: Mary Furnari 

      Progressions and Examinations Team

      Progression Queries Examination Queries
      Ellie Chooband-Nejad - Senior HAO Zoe Hellinikakis - Senior HAO
      Anil Naidu All schools Heather Harvey All schools
      Christie Viggers All schools Susan Ben Dekhil All schools
        Simone Magnabosco All schools

      Team Manager: Elena Boyle 

      HASS - Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
      BEL - Business, Economics and Law
      SCI - Science
      EAIT - Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

      The Graduate School's Development team looks after a wide range of events and activities that enhance the HDR experience at UQ. These include the Career Development Framework (CDF), placements, the 3MT competition, careers advice, and orientation.

      Staff member Position Work days
      Anneliese Berglind Manager, Engagement & Development M - F
      Andrew Schnell Engagement & Development Communications Coordinator M - F
      Margaret Giebels Engagement & Development Officer M T W
      Amanda Lee Placements Coordinator M Th F
      Dr Myra Lee Development Coordinator M - F
      Dr Rachael Pitt Careers Advisor T W Th
      Samantha Smith Engagement & Development Officer M T W
      Nilla Wen Engagement & Development Officer M T W Th

      +61 7 3346 0503

      3MT - Three Minute Thesis Competition

      Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) celebrates the exciting research conducted by PhD students around the world. Developed by UQ, the competition cultivates participants’ academic, presentation, and research communication skills.

      Visit the 3MT website

      Marketing & Communications

      The Graduate School has a number of communication channels including hard copy publications, email newsletters, websites, social media, and an intranet for UQ staff. We can also assist with scholarship advertising, student recruitment, and information dissemination to the HDR cohort.

      Wonder of Science Program

      Wonder of Science Program promotes a STEM culture in Queensland schools. Wonder of Science's Young Science Ambassadors are selected PhD candidates who visit participating schools, working with students on challenging tasks and supporting them in STEM development.

      Robyn Bull, Program Manager
      +61 7 3346 0530

      Visit the Wonder of Science website

      Global Change Scholars Program

      The Global Change Scholars Program is an initiative designed to produce research leaders who will possess deep understanding of global trends, the challenges and opportunities they present, and an awareness of how to drive the changes necessary for us to build sustainable futures.

      Dr Anna Phelan, Global Change Scholars Program coordinator
      +61 7 3346 0503

      Learn more about the Global Change Scholars Program

      Please contact the Executive Assistant in the first instance if you would like an appointment with a member of the Graduate School's Executive.

      General Enquiries

      Joshua Colledge

      Fynn De Daunton

      +61 7 3346 0503

      Executive Assistant

      Danielle Lefebvre

      +61 7 3346 1370


      Professor Alastair McEwanProfessor Alastair McEwan

      +61 7 3346 1370

      Researcher biography

      Professor McEwan obtained his PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Birmingham and then held a NATO Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a Royal Society 1983 University Research Fellowship at the University of Oxford. In 1993, after 4 years as a lecturer at the University of East Anglia, Professor McEwan joined the University of Queensland as a Senior Lecturer. He was promoted to Professor in 2003 and was Head of the School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences from 2005-2010.

      His research spans bacterial physiology and pathogenesis, redox biology and the role of transition metal ions in host-pathogen interactions. He has published over 140 research papers and research in his laboratory is currently funded by an NHMRC Program grant.

      As PVC Research Training, the Dean of the UQ Graduate School and a member of the ACGR Executive Committee, Professor McEwan is leading change in practice in HDR development across Australia. 

      Deputy Dean

      Professor Stephan RiekProfessor Stephan Riek

      +61 7 3346 1370

      Researcher biography

      Professor Riek holds a PhD from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada; and undertook postdoctoral research at The University of Queensland and Northwestern University. He re-joined UQ as an ARC QEII Research Fellow in 2003 and was promoted to Professor in 2013. Professor Riek has been published in more than 80 publications in the area of sensorimotor neuroscience and his work has been underpinned by grant support from ARC, NHMRC and Queensland Health.

      Professor Riek brings a wealth of experience to the Graduate School. He has been the Principal Advisor of six students who have completed their PhD and has served as Postgraduate Coordinator in the School of Human Movement Studies since 2009.


      Belinda BernBelinda Bern

      +61 7 3346 1370


      Belinda has over 10 years’ experience at UQ and has a background in education and research management. In her role as Director of the Graduate School she oversees and manages the development and delivery of research student services and processes for The University of Queensland.

      Prior to joining the Graduate School, Belinda was the Research Manager for the Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology at UQ. Her strong communication and project management skills enabled her to achieve successful outcomes for the Faculty in the areas of research and research training. Previously Belinda has also worked in academic programs management and educational development roles and started her career as a secondary mathematics teacher. She holds a Bachelor of Mathematics, a Graduate Diploma in Education, and a Master of Educational Studies (Leadership).

      In the Graduate School, Belinda is working to further enhance UQ’s reputation for quality and excellence in research training through the development and delivery of key strategic initiatives.

      Deputy Director (HDR Governance)

      Dr Daniel Walker

      +61 7 3346 0503

      Senior Manager (HDR Development)

      Kate Swanson

      +61 7 3346 0503


      Business Analyst

      Sam Ferguson

      +61 7 3346 0514


      Higher Degree by Research Programs & Agreements Coordinator

      Dr Jenny Horn

       +61 7 3365 3477


      Project Officer

      Marie Morcom