Commencement in a research higher degree program is fixed to a specific period within the research quarter.

If you have already accepted your offer and cannot commence your HDR study within the research quarter specified on your offer of admission, please contact the Graduate School to request a deferral until the following commencing quarter.

Please advise:

  1. The reason(s) why you are unable to commence your HDR study within the agreed research quarter, and
  2. The research quarter that you now intend to commence your HDR study.

The deferral request will be reviewed. If supported by your advisor and approved by the Dean, the offer of admission and, if applicable, offer of scholarship support will be re-issued to reflect the new commencement research quarter.

If you have not yet accepted your offer, you can request a deferral when responding to your offer via the OLA portal.

You are required to formally accept or decline the deferred offer of admission and/or offer of scholarship support.