From time to time, the Graduate School has advertised placement opportunities, however most students prefer to source their own. You may choose to find your own placement opportunity and work with us to ensure it meets UQ Graduate School placement guidelines. It is important to plan ahead as it can take several months to ensure all administrative requirements are fulfilled once a placement location has been found. You should start preparing as early as possible, and at least three months prior to your thesis review milestone. 

The host organisation that you propose should

  • be a medium or large, reputable industry organisation;
  • not be an academic institution; and
  • must be able to offer an immersive experience and adequate supervision while you undertake meaningful work within that organisation.

Once you have identified your proposed host organisation, it would need to be deemed appropriate by the Graduate School, as you will need to develop in conjunction with that organisation, a placement project proposal that the Dean will review before endorsing.

On request, the Graduate School will provide you with the resources required to start the process of securing formal approval for the placement.