Graduate Digital Research Fellowship

The Graduate Digital Research Fellowship Program is designed to prepare research students to academic or non-academic careers in digital scholarship. Fellows are confirmed research students who will spend one year honing their digital skills and working with local and international digital research practitioners to create a scholarly work that uses digital research methods (digital publication, software, data sets etc.) These fellowships are intended to enhance the fellow's current research/thesis topic.

The fellows will meet regularly at the Centre for Digital Scholarship and have access to digital research support staff who can advise and collaborate on their digital projects. Fellows will participate in activities such as seminars, reading groups, training workshops and independent study to ensure adequate progress of their project and to develop a sound understanding of digital research methods and tools. The fellows are also expected to deliver one seminar on a digital scholarship topic.

Some examples of areas that fellows might have a chance to work on are:

  • Data analysis: analyse quantitative or qualitative data using computational methods. The fellow will go through all stages of data gathering, preparation, analysis and presentation.
  • Visualisation of research data: the fellow will investigate visual design opportunities and constraints to represent and interact with data sets and new ways to explore a research topic.
  • Serving communities: the fellow will develop new modes of scholarly communication that rely on digital tools to engage local communities and the public such as storytelling, the provision of relevant practical information or tools that support decision-making.

By the end of the fellowship, the fellow will have a comprehensive understanding of current practices in Digital Humanities and Social Sciences as well as deeper knowledge of how to use digital methods and tools in their research topic. An exhibit will be organised toward the end of the fellowship to showcase the fellows' digital projects.

Please note that the fellowship does not provide financial support. However, the fellows will be able to apply for funding to attend conferences, workshops and summer/winter schools related to digital scholarship in their disciplines.

Expressions of interest are sought from current HDR students in the humanities and social sciences who are confirmed, or will be prior to February, 2019.

Expressions of interest close: 25 January, 2019.

Applicants notified of outcome: 15 February, 2019

Fellowship period: March, 2019 - October 2019.

Download the expression of interest form here. Once complete, please upload it along with your current CV at the link below.

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