You should organise your milestone at least 2 months before your milestone due date.

  1. Work with your advisor to identify a suitable milestone committee and plan for your milestone. Your principal advisor should initiate contact and introduce you to the committee members.
  2. You then finalise a date, time and venue for your milestone with the milestone committee members.
  3. Send your milestone document and any associated forms to the milestone committee/Readers
  4. The Chair sends all forms and feedback to you (the candidate) after the milestone meeting
  5. You need to submit an Attainment of Milestone request and upload a copy of the reports and outcome form, or request an Extension of Milestone.

If you experience issues organising your milestone seek the support and advice of your Advisory team. To gain a clearer picture of how everyone involved in the milestone process collaborates please refer to the roles table below.

Before your milestone

  1. Work with your advisor to identify a suitable milestone committee and plan for your milestone. Your advisor should initiate contact and introduce you to the milestone committee members.
  2. Check the availability of the committee members to attend the milestone. Allow 1.5 hours duration for any seminar and interview. Email the members as a group and ensure your Principal Advisor is copied into this correspondence.   
    1. Schools that have a set date and time for milestones will advise the candidate when their milestone is scheduled.
    2. If you or a member of the panel are zooming in check that timezones align on the world clock
  3. Make a room booking by contacting your HLO or Other School Staff as directed to assist.  
  4. When the booking has been confirmed, ensure that you send a calendar invitation to the milestone committee.
    1. You can arrange a Zoom invitation for members unable to attend in person
  5. Prepare the milestone document and distribute it to the your milestone committee at least 2 weeks before the seminar and interview.  Please include the written feedback from your previous milestone with the written document.  Feedback forms and the proforma are available on your School/Institute website or HDR candidate page.
    1. A great tool to distribute your documentation is the UQ Research Data Manager, using the share by email or link function. 
  6. Feedback forms will be sent from the Review milestone committee directly to the Chair who will then provide the feedback directly to the candidate.
  7. Check the AV and technical requirements before your milestone.


NB: candidates must complete the Research Integrity Module and register for an ORCID prior to their Confirmation milestone.

On the day of the seminar

  1. Take copies of your forms, and pens, for both you and the Review Milestone committee. 
  2. Make sure that the AV equipment is working properly. 

NB: If a Confidentiality Agreement is required, please prepare the Confidentiality Agreement and inform all attendees to sign it. Ensure this is uploaded with your milestone attainment request.

After your milestone seminar

  1. The Chair of the Review milestone committee will give all of the paperwork to the candidate and their principal advisor directly.
  2. The candidate needs to complete a request through their my.UQ ( Either
    1. the online Request for Attainment of Milestone and upload the outcome document and provide a link to the RDM for the milestone documents; or
    2. the request for Extension of Milestone
  3. The online request then goes to your Principal Advisor for review, then to the PGC for endorsement, and finally to the Graduate School for final review and recording.





  • Makes initial contact to invite milestone committee members and confirm composition.
  • With your candidate organise a date, time and venue for the milestone with the milestone committee
  • Ensures their candidate is prepared for the milestone
  • Supports and assists their candidates where needed.
  • With your advisor organises a date, time and venue for milestone with the milestone committee
  • Candidate sends milestone document and associated forms to the milestone committee/Readers
  •  Candidate checks and prepares any technical requirements in advance
  • Logs final outcome in myUQ with the attainment of milestone, or requests an extension of milestone.
  • Chairs the milestone committee
  • Ensures feedback is provided to the candidate and their Principal Advisor on time

Milestone Committee Members

  • Review milestone documents
  • Provides critical review to student and Advisor/s
  • Participates in milestone meetings, where relevant



Graduate School Dean

  • Monitors overdue milestones with HLO
  • Support advisor and candidate by following up if the milestone committee is unresponsive or the candidate/advisor/chair require advice.
  • Provides academic advice
  • Oversees selection of milestone committee
  • Endorses attainment or extension request
  • Ensures due process has been followed before recommending any review of candidature.
  • Provides advice about the administrative process to the candidate as needed. (where to find forms, etc)
  • Books a room, if required, after the candidate confirms a date
  • Advertises milestone to AOU as required
  • Monitors overdue milestones with PGC
  • Considers reviews of candidature, as recommended by the PGC