Researcher biography

I am a PhD candidate at the UQ's School of Languages and Cultures, and I have a multidisciplinary background in Applied Linguistics, Cultural Studies and Public Relations. In my PhD research project, I am investigating minority language maintenance and shift in trilingual families. Trilingualism remains a significantly underinvestigated fact of life for many families both in Australia and worldwide. Even though most children in the world grow up with at least two languages, it still proves a challenge to pass a language from one generation to the next, as evidenced by the constant decline in the number of languages spoken globally. I am analysing how different macro-, meso- and micro-level factors affect parental language attitudes, which then become enacted in language practices at home and beyond. After my PhD, I would like to develop a parent education program which would bridge the gap between the academia and multilingual families.

Agnes' Principal Advisor is Dr Anna Mikhaylova.