Researcher biography

Meron is a Sudanese-born Ethiopian-Australian who enjoys learning, teaching and finding solutions to existing issues. She is a PhD student, researching the role heritage language maintenance can play in preventing the transmission of intergenerational trauma among refugee families. She hypothesises that through heritage language maintenance, parents and children of refugee background will be better equipped to interact and understand one another which will be beneficial for preventing the transmission of trauma experienced pre and/or during their settlement in Australia. Meron holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Queensland (UQ) in Applied Linguistics and a Bachelor Degree also from UQ in International Studies with an International Relations Major. She has previously worked for the Queensland Program of Assistance to Survivors of Torture and Trauma (QPASTT), the Migrant and Refugees Settlement Services (MARSS) of the ACT Inc. in Canberra, and the Multicultural Development Association (MDA) in Brisbane. Post-PhD, she is interested in pursuing an academic career. Drawing on her personal and professional experiences as well as through her research, Meron hopes to contribute to broad fields including language policy and social work, and more specifically to filling gaps in literature on refugee settlement.