Researcher biography

Andre is a PhD student with the School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences. His PhD project focuses on unravelling the genetics underpinning bull fertility using Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS), systems biology and machine learning approaches. The increasing demand for beef fuelled by the growing world population raises questions about whether the current supply for beef will be sufficient to meet the rising demand in the coming years. The efficiency of reproduction directly affects the productivity of the entire beef supply chain. Additionally, beef breeding herds are often mated through multiple sire breeding systems, which heavily relies on the bulls’ reproductive performance. His work seeks to evaluate male fertility traits using a multi-breed bull population with goals to implement genomic selection strategies that will work across cattle populations. Andre’s interests are in machine learning, data science, and the benefits such fields can bring to the world. He holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) from the University of Queensland. 

Andre’s principal supervisor is Dr Marina Fortes and is co-supervised by Dr Nick Hudson.