Researcher biography

Originally from the UK, Kari calls Queensland home after chasing the Great British Dream of emigrating to Australia. Her professional background spans research, education, policy consulting, and clinical practice, thanks to dual qualifications in psychotherapy and teaching. 

Having sharpened her clinical sword at the coalface of community mental health, she honed her research translation skills at Australia's foremost trauma research institute. She is now indulging her passion for solving complex problems by taking on a PhD that crosses the two disciplines of clinical and applied social psychology.

Kari's PhD takes on a critical cause of the occupational stress injuries that disproportionately impact essential workers: moral injury, a complex traumatic stress injury that can occur in the aftermath of ethically challenging decisions. By identifying key predictors of ongoing distress and mental health outcomes, Kari hopes to contribute to global change by supporting the resilience of the workforces that form the backbone of the institutions that are integral to sustainable development. 

Post-PhD, Kari aspires to utilise her position in academia to spearhead research with practical translational value to address complex problems. She plans to leverage her existing skills and experience as a researcher, educator and mental health professional to make contributions to mental health research, professional training, and policy initiatives.  

Outside of PhD life, Kari prefers to practice what she preaches with regard to a sustainable work-life balance, embracing a self-care regimen of running, singing, culinary creativity, electric guitar, and cat-cuddling.