Researcher biography

Bernadette is a PhD candidate in the School of Political Science and International Studies. Leveraging experience launching U.S. federal open data programs, most recently at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under the Obama administration, she is undertaking research on open government data for sustainability. Specifically, Bernadette is examining the relative importance of organizational culture and leadership in federal science agencies in Australia and the United States. She draws upon technical experience designing and implementing open data web services used by the international science enterprise. 

Passionate about youth STEM education, she served as an inaugural 2018 World Science Festival Brisbane social media ambassador. As a serial entrepreneur, she launched four successful big data startups in Australia and the U.S. Her best days are spent mentoring at tech accelerators and supporting the next generation of women preparing for board roles. She is the mother of two and is married to a rocket scientist. 

Bernadette's principal advisor is Dr Frans Mols, and her associate advisor is Professor Karen Hussey.