Researcher biography

Bernadette is a PhD candidate in the School of Political Science and International Studies. Leveraging experience running U.S. Government federal open data programs, most recently at the Environmental Protection Agency under the Obama administration, she is researching how to bridge disparate communities performing transnational knowledge sharing and evidence based policy making. Specifically, Bernadette is examining the role of civil society organizations (CSOs), ranging from academia through science associations, and their impact on environmental policy. She draws upon experience implementing linked open data web services to provide usable information on toxic emissions (via pollution inventories) and industrial facilities. Passionate about youth STEM education, she served as an inaugural 2018 World Science Festival Brisbane communications ambassador. As a serial tech founder in Brisbane and Washington DC, she actively supports fellow entrepreneurs at UQ iLab and IdeaHub. She is the mother of two active teenagers.

Bernadette's principal advisor is Dr Frans Mols.