Researcher biography

Brydon Wang is a Technology and Construction lawyer who is passionate about smart city technology, infrastructure delivery and new ways people can come together to live, work and play. Prior to coming to the law, Brydon had a career in architecture and co-edited a book on Large Floating Structures, exploring environmentally-sustainable technologies that allow cities to expand onto adjacent water bodies. His current research conceptualises how extent Artificial Intelligent systems and Building Information Modelling applications can replace the trusted human intermediary in building contracts. It engages with the legal obligations of, and the reallocation of trust to, the machine superintendent. The project looks to using such technology to improve accuracy, reduce wastage and the environmental footprint of infrastructure projects, as well as reduce financial fragility in the global construction industry. Brydon is a National Executive Committee member of the Asian Australian Lawyers Association, a national finalist in the Australian Law Awards 2014 and is an active legal tweeter @BuiltTechLaw

Brydon's principal advisor is Dr Mark Burdon.