Elucidating the molecular and physiological mechanisms of flowering behaviour in mungbean (Vigna radiata L.).

Mungbean (Vigna radiata L.) is a high protein, high value pulse crop cultivated in the subtropics and is a main summer rotation option in northern Australia. Diverse flowering behaviour has been identified in mungbean germplasm including varying flowering duration and photoperiod responses.  Despite this understanding, the underlying physiological and molecular basis of flowering behaviour in mungbean is poorly understood. My project aims to characterise flowering behaviour and signalling pathways in legume species to examine the processes which underpin yield. The project will dissect genotype by environment interactions and biological processes of these pathways to to ultimately improve yield and agricultural practices. The characterisation of a diverse subset of mungbean under varying photo-thermal environments will replicate locations with varying photoperiods/daylengths and climate variables (i.e., high temperature and water stress). To further understand the genetics I am investigating flowering time genes and regulatory pathways which are conserved in mungbean and legume species which could be utilised in targeted in crop improvement.