Researcher biography

As an enthusiastic Engineer, I was keen to specialise and equip myself with the knowledge and the skills to be a part of the global transition towards zero carbon energy future and sustainable development. Masters of Sustainable energy from UQ provided me the potential to explore and develop innovative solutions to lead this energy transition. I have worked in many on field research intern-projects in various organisations. I have also been working with the UQ Racing team in the manufacturing and fabrication of Electric and Autonomous vehicles for FSAE competitions. These projects have turned my interest to dive deep into advanced research on technologies, frameworks, and modelling which paved my path to pursue PhD program with the school of chemical engineering. My research focuses on metal oxide based high temperature water splitting for producing hydrogen using renewable energy. I believe this provides me the knowledge, interlink skills and expertise required to pursue a career in sustainability and future energy transition. I look forward in gaining industrial experience to work in more challenging opportunities through Global Change Scholars program by working across a range of projects contributing to a carbon-neutral economy.