Researcher biography

Sarah Wilson is a PhD student at the School of Communication and Arts. Using mutually informative exegetical and creative components, her thesis explores how playwrights impact the theatre experience for autistic audiences in order to better understand how playwrights can contribute to or dismantle barriers to autistic participation in theatre. Drawing on the emergent body of neuroqueer scholarship – an intersection between queer and disability studies – it will propose and demonstrate an alternative autistic theatre aesthetic that is reflective of both autistic strengths and access needs. Sarah’s broader research interests are in addressing the impact of silencing and erasure on texts by, for and about marginalised groups.

Sarah is also an emerging Brisbane based playwright. She most recently cowrote the ecofeminist work Rising, which was commissioned and produced by Playlab Theatre and debuted in 2021. She was a member of QTC’s Young Writers Group in 2016, a participant in Queensland Theatre’s Playwrights 18-26 Program in 2017, and in 2018 was selected for Playlab Theatre’s Incubator program.