Researcher biography

Shuting has a passion for sustainable city construction. She commenced her PhD in July 2021, currently doing research on smart wastewater process control under the supervision of A/Prof. Liu Ye and Dr. Haoran Duan. Her research is to develop the quantification and estimation methodology for nitrous oxide (N2O) emission from wastewater systems.

N2O is one of the greenhouse gases which is inevitably generated as a by-product during the biological nitrogen removal process in the wastewater treatment sector. It is known that a small increase of N2O could significantly contribute to the carbon footprint. Controlling N2O generation and emission is urgent and imperative under the goal of limiting global temperature increase within +1.5 Celsius in the 21st century. Shuting is working on mechanical models which hybrid computational fluid dynamics and metabolic models, combining the data-driven analysis techniques to simulate the spatial variation of N2O generation and emission processes. Her research topics are expected to optimize the N2O quantification and control, give guidance to plant-wide monitoring, and further help the wastewater sector achieve net-zero climate-change targets.