Researcher biography

Victor (He/Him) is a PhD candidate based at the Centre of Online Health, Centre for Health Services Research, who helps improve health equity in telehealth services to improve health outcomes. Victor has a physical medicine and rehabilitation background and completed a master’s degree in Public Health at UQ. Before starting his studies at UQ, Victor worked as a Sports Medical Specialist in his natal Peru, increasing access to medical care for high-performance athletes.

Victor aims to facilitate the uptake of telehealth through the equity lens. In his project, Victor investigates the equity of access to telehealth, evaluates strategies to reduce the digital divide, and proposes co-designed solutions to promote equitable access to telehealth. Victor is passionate about sharing and co-creating knowledge (either in English or Spanish). In the Global Change Scholar Program, he has found the perfect opportunity to participate in knowledge creation and engage with multiple stakeholders to promote equity of access to healthcare.