Researcher biography

Hang Mai is a Ph.D. student within the School of Education, The University of Queensland. She hold her Masters’ degree in Applied Linguistics from The University of Queensland. Her research interest includes developing non-native English language teachers’ and learners’ intercultural competence, teaching English as an international language, internationalisation of higher education, glocalisation of English language teaching, and language education for sustainable development. Her early research on teaching English as an international language was published on The Journal of English as An International Language, indexed in Scopus. She has also presented her research in many international conferences in Australia, Thailand, The Philippines, and Vietnam.

Hang Mai was born in Vietnam and have over 10-year experience working in a non-Anglophone context with local learners before starting her Ph.D. journey. She is passionate about education for sustainable development, creating changes for sustainability through education at local and national levels, and is committed to pursuing academic career within this field for post-doc.

In her free time, Hang likes to dive into her favourite books, listening to music, walking, or riding a bike. She is also passionate about cooking, especially Vietnamese traditional food.

Hang’s supervisors are Dr. Katherine McLay and Dr. Stephen Heimans.