Researcher biography

Shevanuja Theivendran successfully finished her bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Mississippi, USA, with 3 years of research experience in the synthesis and characterization of Gold Nanomaterials. During her bachelor’s degree she got a wonderful opportunity to associate with a world leading expert in the field of crystallization, Prof. Allan Myerson from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, USA, as a research intern. She was also awarded with Taylor Medal in 2016, the university’s highest academic award which is awarded as a recognition for meritorious scholarship and deportment. Thereafter, she got admitted to the PhD program at UQ with the prestigious RTP scholarship in 2018. Currently, Shevanuja is under taking her PhD under the supervision of Prof. Chengzhong Yu, Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, focusing on the utilization of super hydrophobic silica nanomaterial for the removal of organic pollutants as a tool for wastewater treatment and in the next stage she would like to explore the efficiency of bacteriophage conjugated silica nanoparticle as a “green technology” for killing bacteria in wastewater.

Shevanuja's principal advisor is Professor Chengzhong Yu.