Researcher biography

Tim joined the UQ Vertebrate Palaeontology and Biomechanics Lab in 2017. His PhD focusses on the taxonomy, palaeobiogeography and flight mechanics of Early Cretaceous (Albian) pterosaurs from western Queensland, Australia. The project integrates taxonomy, functional and comparative morphology and kinematic analyses with the aim of investigating and deciphering the affinities of currently undescribed material and its implications for the evolution, diversity and palaeoecology of Australian pterosaurs. In 2016, Tim completed a first class Honours project on the taxonomic and taphonomic re-analysis of Ediacara-type fossils from the Early Cambrian Uratanna Formation of South Australia. During his undergraduate course, Tim was also a research assistant at the Brain-Behaviour Research Group at the University of New England NSW, where he contributed to various publications investigating the association between stress and depression in prostate cancer patients.

Tim's principal advisor is Dr Steven Salisbury.