Researcher biography

Being curious about the natural sciences from an early age, it was inevitable that I would eventually end up in research. I was born in the UK, but raised in Brisbane and have studied and worked at UQ for the past six years. My Bachelor’s degree was focused on biomedical science, specifically immunology and infectious disease. I became fascinated with how our bodies defend themselves against pathogenic infection and joined A/Prof. Kate Schroder’s lab to develop my knowledge in this area. During my honours program, I investigated the different protein receptors that detect bacteria and viruses in our cells, which lead to several fruitful collaborations with interstate researchers. I am currently undertaking a PhD at UQ, investigating the underlying molecular and cellular mechanisms of inflammation. One day, I hope to apply my research to patients living with chronic inflammatory diseases. With our aging population and an increase in lifestyle-related disease across the world (such as neurodegeneration, diabetes and persistent pathogenic infections), it has never been more important to understand how our immune system functions.

Caroline's principal advisor is Associate Professor Kate Schroder.