Researcher biography

I completed a year of a Bachelor of Arts, before enrolling in a Bachelor of Speech Pathology in 2012. I graduated with a Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours Class I) in December 2016. Post-graduation I worked as a project officer with a large-scale clinical implementation project at a major tertiary hospital within Brisbane. My passion for research originated in the final two years of my undergraduate program when I engaged with and completed an honours project. To date, I have accrued a myriad of research experiences, formed invaluable relationships with industry leaders and world renowned academics and aspire to continue to engage with all opportunities provided to me. Through collaboration, employment of skills, knowledge, sheer hard work and determination, I hope to situate my discipline specific research within broader global contexts, in order to maximise change potential and improve outcomes for all involved stakeholders.

Alana's principal advisor is Dr Bena Cartmill.