Researcher biography

Iā€™m a dual medicine and research student at The University of Queensland with a background in neuroscience and pharmacology. I hope to develop a medical research and development company that strives to cure disease through an outcomes-based approach and first-principles thinking. My current research examines the role of dopamine ā€“ the chemical in the brain that underlies value judgements. At its best, dopamine allows for love, passion and decision-making, whilst at its worst, it causes addiction, obsessive-compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. My thesis will explore how dopamine impacts the part of the brain that produces emotion; the region that makes us smile, scream, laugh and cry. By helping lay the foundations for understanding how emotions are felt and expressed, I hope to advance humanity towards cures for emotionally debilitating disorders.

Martin's principal advisor is Associate Professor Trent Woodruff.