Researcher biography

I’m a cardiovascular epidemiologist, trained in Australia and Nepal. I completed a Master’s of Public Health (Research Methos) from University of Western Australia under the prestigious Australia Award Scholarship (2015–2016), and  I am a member of Nepal NCDI commission formed under the auspicious of the Global NCDI poverty commission, and The Lancet. At UQ, I’m interested in looking at the epidemiology of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) in Nepalese women, and how does that relate to countries with an already high burden of CVDs such as Australia, using the data from InterLACE database as well as doing primary level data collection in Nepal. My other interests include global non-communicable diseases and medicine policies research in low-income setting with an emphasis on cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. I wrote extensively about the disaster response and recovery in the aftermath of Nepal earthquakes, contributing to several publications. I am the founding Chief Editor of The Health Prospect and Assoc. Editor of BMC Public Health. Also, I served as a commissioner at The Lancet Youth Commission on Essential Medicine Policies (2015–2016), and freelance writer for The Lancet, The Lancet Diabetes Endocrinology and WHO Bulletin, contributing to several news features (2015-16).

Shiva's principal advisor is Professor Gita Mishra.