Researcher biography

I'm a PhD candidate from UQ's School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (ITEE), where my research explores the use of neural networks for robotic control, and how these algorithms might be improved through the application of models of human ‘intuitive physics’. I graduated with a Bachelor of Mechatronic Engineering (First class Honours) from UQ in 2014. Mechatronics is the field of study at the intersection of the software, electrical and mechanical engineering disciplines. During my degree studies, I tutored math, physics and engineering subjects, received an ITEE recognition award for excellence as a tutor in 2014. After graduating, I've worked as a research engineer with the UQ Dermatology Research Centre at the Translational Research Institute. A passion for research led me to join the global R&D division of Boeing, in 2015, as a research engineer. I'm part of a human factors psychology team, spearheading the next generation of pilot training, including the use of virtual and augmented reality technologies.

Aaron's principal advisor is Dr Surya Singh.