Researcher biography

I  graduated as a Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineer from the University of Melbourne with a first class honours degree. I started my career in the crane manufacturing industry with Favelle Favco Cranes as a Mechanical Engineer. I subsequently obtained my Master’s degree from Chalmers University in Sweden, in the field of Advanced Engineering Materials, completing my Master’s research thesis with Ericsson. Prior to commencement of her PhD candidature at UQ, I worked as a Senior Material Scientist in Hydrexia, a high-tech start-up company, focused on technical R&D and commercialisation of solid-state hydrogen storage device. With Hydrexia, I have has won multiple engineering and clean technology awards. Having developed an interest in the energy storage field from my work at Hydrexia, I am currently pursuing a PhD in Materials Engineering at UQ, working on lithium ion battery anode materials.

Xin's principal advisor is Professor Kazuhiro Nogita.