Researcher biography

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Kathleen Doody is a PhD student in the School of Biological Sciences at UQ, working in the field of Ecophysiology. Following a successful career as a professional dancer with the Queensland Ballet and Melbourne Ballet Company from 2005 to 2013, Kathleen returned to her other passion, animal biology, and undertook a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Zoology and Marine science at The University of Queensland. Throughout her bachelor’s degree, Kathleen received several awards including the Gordon Grigg Prize in Vertebrate Zoology, the Jiro Kikkawa Ecology Prize, the Goodman Foundation Marine Biology Prize and the Duncan McNaughton Scholarship. She then undertook an Honours research year with the Franklin Eco-Laboratory looking at the effects of ultraviolet radiation on immune function and development in amphibians, graduating in 2017 with First class Honours and a University Medal for her outstanding scholarship. Kathleen’s PhD expands on her previous research by focusing on how changing environmental factors such as temperature and ultraviolet radiation interact to increase disease susceptibility in amphibians. She hopes that her research will provide an insight into how far reaching our impact on the environment can be, with an aim to drive positive change and help conserve wildlife into the future.