Researcher biography

View Lily's 2020 Global Change Scholars Program Showcase video.

Lily Fogg is a PhD student with a multi-disciplinary background in immunology and developmental neuroscience. Lily is investigating how ecological changes during development can shape the visual system in reef and deep-sea fish. For example, newborn marine fish start their lives together in the wide, open pelagic ocean and as they grow older some dive down deep into the darkness and others settle on the bright, technicolour coral reef. Very little is known about how the fish’s eyes change to allow it to see and survive as it shifts through these contrasting environments. She is also looking at how unnatural, human-induced changes to the marine environment, particularly light pollution, can re-shape the visual system during development. Enhancing our understanding of the impact of environmental changes on a sensory modality crucial to survival may shed light on how these animals will fair in face of future anthropogenic changes.