Researcher biography

View Merryn's 2020 Global Change Scholars Program Showcase video.

Merryn is a PhD candidate under A/Prof Kris Thurecht, having just moved to Brisbane from Sydney where she previously worked in medical device sales. She has a combined degree in Biomedical Engineering and Medical Science from The University of Sydney, as well as experience within the hospital system and in theatres understanding protocols and logistics regarding medical devices.

The Thurecht group uses polymer nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery and imaging. Merryn’s project involves targeting the delivery of antibody combinations for cancer immunotherapy, in the hope of increasing efficacy and lowering side effects. She will also look into any potential to target lymph node metastases.

In her spare time Merryn enjoys playing basketball, bushwalking, travel and staying fit. She recently visited the San Blas Islands in Panama, which are beautiful Caribbean islands that are fast disappearing due to rising sea levels. The Global Change Scholar program is an exciting opportunity to explore some of the world’s most hard-hitting issues.