Development of Nano-scale Biocatalysts from Cytochrome P450 Enzymes Attached to Virus-Like Particles, for Environmentally Friendly Fine Chemical Production

This Earmarked Scholarship project is aligned with a recently awarded Category 1 research grant. It offers you the opportunity to work with leading researchers and contribute to large projects of national significance.

Supervisor – Professor Elizabeth

The project will involve the development of reusable, nano-scale biocatalysts for use in fine chemical synthesis. We will use virus-like particles (VLPs) as scaffolds for attaching cytochrome P450 enzymes to create nano-catalysts for diverse applications in green chemistry, including the sustainable production of bioplastics from seed oils. The research is aimed at gaining a fundamental understanding of the way in which P450s can be immobilised in VLPs as well as how such systems can be customised for industrial application. The research is to be undertaken in collaboration with CSIRO Biocatalysis Group and will run in parallel with several industry-funded collaborations, offering the successful student the opportunity to be involved in frequent interactions with the industry partners.

Preferred educational background

A working knowledge of molecular biology techniques, or HPLC/GC-MS analysis of small molecules would be of benefit to someone working on this project.

The applicant will demonstrate academic achievement in the field(s) of Biochemistry, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Structural Biology, Synthetic Biology, Molecular Biology or Plant Biology and the potential for scholastic success.

Applications will be judged on a competitive basis taking into account the applicant’s previous academic record, publication record, honours and awards, and employment history.

*The successful candidate must commence by Research Quarter 3, 2021. You should apply at least 3 months prior to the research quarter commencement date. International applicants may need to apply much earlier for visa reasons.

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