How will Australia's subtropical rainforests respond to climate change?

This Earmarked Scholarship project is aligned with a recently awarded Category 1 research grant. It offers you the opportunity to work with leading researchers and contribute to large projects of national significance.

Supervisor – Dr John

This project will combine field surveys, trait measurements and experimental approaches to reveal general rules about how climate governs the range of strategies that rainforest plant species can adopt in any given environment. It will capitalise on existing, spatial climate gradients throughout Southeast Queensland (SEQ) and quantify how plant strategies (viewed as ensembles of functional traits) change in response to higher temperatures and lower water availability. This general knowledge will be translated into models to predict viable strategies at different positions along gradients. Because the seedling stage is crucial for successful recruitment in both natural and restoration contexts, field data will be validated using an experiment on rainforest seedlings assessing tolerance to drought, heat waves and their interaction.

Preferred educational background

Applications will be judged on a competitive basis taking into account the applicant's previous academic record, publication record, honours and awards, and employment history.

A working knowledge of surveying rainforest tree communities and designing and conducting ecological experiments would be of benefit to someone working on this project.

The applicant will demonstrate academic achievement in the field(s) of plant ecology and the potential for scholastic success.

A background or knowledge of plant functional traits, statistical models in ecological contexts, intermediate ability to code in R is highly desirable.

*The successful candidate must commence by Research Quarter 2, 2021. You should apply at least 3 months prior to the research quarter commencement date. International applicants may need to apply much earlier for visa reasons.

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