The Reef Restoration and Adaptation Program (RRAP) brings together Australia’s leading experts to help the Great Barrier Reef resist, adapt to, and recover from the impacts of climate change.

An outstanding PhD candidate is sought to join a multi-institutional team of social scientists from the University of Queensland and CSIRO contributing to the Reef Restoration and Adaptation Program (RRAP), Stakeholder and Traditional Owner Engagement Subprogram. RRAP is believed to be the world’s largest research and development program dedicated to helping a major ecosystem survive climate change.

The Stakeholder and Traditional Owner Engagement Subprogram aims to facilitate the design and implementation of best-practice, place-based, engagement opportunities for Reef Traditional Owners, communities and stakeholders while, at the same time, building understanding of public perceptions of reef restoration and adaptation, the distribution of risks and benefits arising from intervention R&D and implementation, and opportunities to deliver positive community and stakeholder impacts.

Available PhD topic hosted at UQ:

Understanding public and community responses to large scale ecological restoration of the GBR.

This project draws on existing and future large scale quantitative surveys to document public attitudes and expectations about restoration and how it is managed. This includes identifying key drivers of trust and tracking key influences of those attitudes and expectations over time.

Enquiries should be sent to Supervisors: Prof Brent Ritchie, UQ; Dr Justine Lacey, CSIRO.

Study area: social sciences.

How to apply

To apply for admission and scholarship, follow the link on the upper right of this page. There is no separate application for scholarship because you will have the opportunity to request scholarship consideration on the application for admission.

Before submitting an application you should:

  • check your eligibility
  • prepare your documentation
  • contact the supervisor leading the project your are interested in to discuss your suitability for this scholarship

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Closing date    28 March 2021

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