The UQ academic year is divided into research quarters for research higher degree (RHD) students. 

Research quarter key dates

Research quarter Start date of quarter Due date for payment of charges Census date / final date to cancel without financial penalty End date of quarter
RQ1 1 Jan 15 Jan 1 Feb 31 Mar
RQ2 1 Apr 15 Apr 1 May 30 Jun
RQ3 1 Jul 15 Jul 1 Aug 30 Sep
RQ4 1 Oct 15 Oct 1 Nov 31 Dec

Commencement in a research quarter is fixed to a specific period and must be finalised by the census date.

International students are required to have a specified agreed start date for their research higher degree program at UQ, and this must be within the first fourteen days of the research quarter. This is due to UQ’s obligations under Australian law. The agreed start date will be specified in the Confirmation of Enrolment document (CoE), which is used for a student visa application and recorded with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. 

An international student who is unable to commence within the first two weeks of the research quarter, for example due to a delay in the visa application process, can contact the Graduate School to negotiate a new agreed start date prior to census date or a delayed commencement and a deferral of offer(s).

The census date is the date by which all of your enrolment requirements must be finalised for a period of study (e.g. a semester or research quarter). Note that the census date is different from the date that your fees are due. All fees must be paid by the due date for payment of charges (see above table), including the SSAF. Payments made after this date will incur a late fee.

If a thesis is submitted after the census date, you will remain fee liable for that research quarter.

Please note that a thesis cannot be processed as submitted until the thesis, the abstract, and the thesis submission form have all been uploaded to the UQ eSpace, and the thesis meets UQ requirements (this is what’s referred to as a fully-compliant submission). The Graduate School recommends that international students submit their thesis fourteen (14) days prior to the census date to ensure any submission problems can be rectified prior to the census date to avoid incurring fees.