Launch your research career with a UQ Project Scholarship

The UQ Graduate School manages a number of scholarship schemes that provide financial support for tuition fees, living costs and travel which enables you to focus on your research.

Fees and costs

You can apply at any time for admission to research higher degree programs. However, candidates who wish to be considered for a UQ Graduate School tuition fee and/or living allowance scholarship should note that the HDR Scholarship Selection Committee meets twice a year to select the recipients.

Scholarships for future HDR students   Scholarships for current HDR students

Scholarship rounds

2018 Round 2  RQ3 2018 start
International Domestic
Recommended last day to submit your application online* 26 Jan 2018 20 Apr 2018
Last day for schools/institutes to submit to Graduate School Fri 23 Feb Fri 18 May
Missing requirements to be submitted for assessment by 23 Mar 2018 15 Jun 2018
Last day to be assessed as eligible for admission and scholarship 30 Mar 2018 22 Jun 2018
Official notification about your admission and scholarship application by 4 May 2018 20 Jul 2018
Response to offers required by 11 May 2018 27 Jul 2018
Enrolment by 13 Jul 2018 1 Aug 2018


2019 Round 1  RQ1 or RQ2 2019 start
International Domestic
Applications due (submit your application online *)
If you have pending documentation, such as Honours or English tests, please still apply by this date.
29 Jun 2018 7 Sep 2018
Offers issued 16 Oct 2018 28 Feb 2019
Acceptances due 31 Oct 2018 8 March 2019

*Students may commence in RQ1 or RQ2. Offers of scholarship will be issued for an RQ2 (April) commencement, unless a special request for an RQ1 (January) commencement is received.  Students on the MD and Professional Doctorate programs will commence in RQ1. 

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