UQ-DTU Collaborative Programs for DTU students

The University of Queensland and Technical University of Denmark (DTU), have established a research exchange program for PhD students. As highly ranked institutions, and research partners, the exchange program aims to strengthen research linkages and provide opportunities for PhD students from each university to extend and enhance their graduate research work.

Key Program Details

  • Doctoral candidates participating in the research exchange program will be enrolled for up to 12 months, collaborative supervision program candidates will be enrolled for 12 months over the course of their candidature. 
  • Students are not charged tuition fees, however other administrative fees may apply.
  • Exchange candidates will have supervision at the host university and, for the period of the visit, access to the library, laboratory, and other resources comparable to locally-enrolled doctoral candidates. Collaborative Supervision Candidates share supervision for the entire period of their candidature and will use their time at the host university to visit their co-supervisor.
  • Candidats progression, thesis supervision and examination will remain the principal responsibility of the home institution.


The UQ-DTU Collaborative Program is open to DTU doctoral candidates from all disciplines. In order to be eligible for the program the applicant must:

  • have the approval/support from the DTU supervisor
  • have found a supervisor at UQ
  • be a regular member of the DTU Graduate School 
  • If you are participating in exchange then you must have attained the equivalent of UQ’s confirmation milestone (at least 12 months in to the program)
  • meet UQ’s English language proficiency requirements. If you are unable to provide test results please contact the research exchange representative listed below.

How to apply

Once you have the approval of your supervisors (UQ and DTU) in place and have been invited to apply, you can apply online. When prompted in the online application, please ensure you select "My higher degree is collaborative" and select DTU from the options avalialbe. 

Upon approval of the application, the UQ Graduate School will issue an offer letter and package.