Angelique AsselinImpact of Wolbachia on Drosophila C Virus and its replication in native host, Drosophila melanogaster

School of Biological Sciences

Everyone in the school of biology seems to have really cool clothing themed to their topic of study. Fish shirts and coral pants for marine biologists, floral prints for botanists , echidnas for zoologists, fungi for mycologists, you name it. 
And I’m studying flies.

Have you ever seen a cool fly costume? Didn’t think so. There isn’t even cool fly shirts. 
So I decided that it was time for that to change, so I have turned myself into a fly, because I think what I am studying is, well, it’s pretty fly. 

The weapons the fly wields are the weapons that the bacterium Wolbachia provides to its insect hosts to protect them against nasty viral infections. This is the core of my research project understanding what these weapons are, how they are wielded by both Wolbachia and the fly and ultimately what damage  they cause to the viruses. It has been a fantastic experience making this costume and a big shoutout to my mum and partner without whom this would not be possible.

Runners Up

Ayu ParamecwariThe Effect of Addressing Parental Mental Health Issues on the Outcomes of Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Faculty of Medicine

  • I choose an outerwear because it's versatile and can be use multiple time with different outfit
  • The front bodice is hand drawn with symbols related to my thesis: Children's development and relationships with parents, Parents communication and relationship, UQ related symbols/icon (UQ emblem and Jacaranda), Psyche symbol as I'm studying in the field of Psychology, and positive, loving, development related to the parenting program involved in the study.  
  • Sleeve colour: red blue yellow = Colours taken from Triple P logo, as the thesis includes investigating RCT on Triple P program. 
  • Ribbon on the bottom of the bodice and sleeve = purple = UQ. 
  • Back bodice = colourful pattern = since the front bodice use plain fabric, thought a pattern fabric can complete as well as complement the looks. The pattern was choosen because it seems playful and bright which commonly associated with Children :)

Ellen TejoUnravelling the role of glycogen in diabetic kidney disease: hero or villain?

Faculty of Medicine

The costume represents the molecules found in kidney, including the glycogen. My thesis focuses on "unravelling" (shown by the unravelled balls of yarn) the roles of glycogen (balls of yarn made of glucose "glu" monomers) in diabetic kidney disease, whether it is pathological (the villain, represented by the evil red ball of yarn), protective (the hero, represented by the white ball of yarn in superhero cape), or inconsequential (the bystander, represented by the orange ball of yarn, not zoomed in).

Li Xie-CarsonFake it to make it: Exploring Instagram users' engagement with virtual influencers in tourism

School of Business

My PhD thesis aims to explore the key source and content factors that drive Instagram users’ engagement with virtual influencers in tourism. Virtual influencers are also known as CGI influencers. They are computer-generated characters who have influential power on social media. In this photo, I became an Instagram post by posing as a virtual influencer, using my top to frame the caption and comments. You can see likes, the caption "Fake it to make it", tags, hashtags, and various comments left with emojis.