Your academic CV helps your School and the Dean of the Graduate School determine your readiness to commence a PhD or MPhil at UQ. You must include an academic CV with your application for admission.

An academic CV should include information under the following headings:

  • Personal details
    Include your full name and contact details.
  • Educational qualifications and professional affiliations
    Include the full title of the qualification, the institution attended, and the year awarded.
  • Employment history
    In chronological order, starting with your current position and specifying dates of employment; include the title of each position, name of employer, main duties or accountabilities, and achievements that are relevant to your proposed field of research. Please ensure you include details of any research related positions that you have held
  • Research publications
    Include articles published or accepted for publication (with the three most significant marked with an asterisk).  Please specify the publication details, your contribution as an author to multi-authored publications, plus the standing of the journal or conference.
  • Description of most significant publications
    Include a short description (maximum 200 words each) for each of the three asterisked publications, explaining their significance in the field and why they have made an important contribution. All publications listed should be referenced using an official bibliographical style (such as Turabian/Chicago, APA, Harvard).
  • Research grants
    Include only those awarded.
  • Academic referees
    Please include the name and contact details (address, telephone, fax and email) of two referees. If possible, please include a senior person (preferably your supervisor or the head of your organisational unit) closely associated with your current work. 
  • Information not required:
    Marital status, photographs, driver’s license, hobbies and interests.

If you are at an early stage of your career as a researcher and do not yet have any research publications and/or research grants, please include the heading and write "none to date".